City Residents Meeting 4th May

The in person City-wide Residents’ Meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th May 2022 in the Great Hall, Guildhall. 

This event will be held over two sessions, with the daytime slot booked to take place between 12:30 – 14:30 and then again at 18:30 – 20:30. The meeting will offer residents the chance to hear from the Policy Chair, the Assistant Commissioner of the City of London Police and the Acting Deputy Town Clerk from the City of London Corporation. Residents will also have the opportunity to ask questions or raise issues about living in the City of London.

For more details, email

City Election Results

There are many new faces on the Council of the City of London Corporation with 38% of members returned being newly elected. In Cornhill Joanna Abeyie was elected to join Peter Dunphy and Ian Seaton. For more information about Joanna see her profile page here

At the Ward Mote on 23rd March the 3 members were re-elected for 3 years and Peter Dunphy was re-appointed as Deputy. We hope to hold an event for all Ward electors in the Autumn.

From R to L. Ward Beadle Joanna Collins, Alderman Robert Howard, Deputy Peter Dunphy, Joanna Abeyie MBE, Ward Clerk Mark Gubbins

City action to help Ukraine

On March 10th Cornhill Councillor Peter Dunphy seconded a successful motion to support further sanctions against the Putin regime, send £250,000 to the DEC Ukraine appeal and call for more UK government help for refugees. The motion was also supported by Ian Seaton.

Peter Dunphy (standing right) and Ian Seaton (seated left) supported the motion on Ukraine.

Ward Mote 23rd March

The annual Ward Mote for Cornhill will take place at 12 noon on Wednesday 23rd March at the Vestry at St Michaels Church (access from St Michael’s Alley). Cornhill electors welcome – meet your Council candidates Joanna Abeyie, Peter Dunphy and Ian Seaton.

City continues to lead as global Financial & Professional Services centre

A new study published by the City of London Corporation, shows that London and the UK continue to lead for financial and professional services when compared to other global financial centres.

Download the full report “Our global offer to business: London and the UK’s competitive strengths in a critical time”

Bishopsgate (A10) TfL Consultation

Transport for London have today launched a six-month consultation on experimental changes they have made to the A10 Bishopsgate. They have also written to a number of other stakeholders, and to people and businesses within a 250 metre radius of the extents of the changes we have made.

You will need to register your email address before you can submit a response through the website. If you agree, TfL will send you updates about the changes periodically. If you would prefer not to submit a response online you can send your thoughts in writing:

TfL are asking:

  • What effects you think the experimental scheme is having on specific matters such as cycling, walking, traffic flow and the environment
  • What effect you think the experimental scheme is having in overall terms, and whether you think it should remain in place permanently or with changes, or be removed at the end of the experiment
  • Whether we should make any changes to the experimental scheme, and if so what they should be
  • Any other matters about the experiment you would like them to be aware of

New Covid-19 Relief Scheme for City SMEs

The City of London Corporation has agreed to launch a new grant scheme to support Square Mile businesses that have been hit by restrictions introduced in response to the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

The City Corporation scheme of up to £10 million will be targeted at businesses that primarily operate in the City of London in the retail, hospitality, leisure and medical sectors.

An estimated 1,100 businesses are expected to qualify for support. Only businesses that were in occupation on 1st April 2021 and have been in occupation continuously since this date will be eligible to apply for a grant. The City Corporation will be contacting most businesses that qualify directly and inviting them to apply for this support through an online application process. Other businesses will also be able to apply via the City Corporation website.

The City of London Corporation has agreed to launch a new grant scheme to support Square Mile businesses that have been hit by restrictions introduced in response to the Covid-19 Omicron variant.