Bishopsgate (A10) TfL Consultation

Transport for London have today launched a six-month consultation on experimental changes they have made to the A10 Bishopsgate. They have also written to a number of other stakeholders, and to people and businesses within a 250 metre radius of the extents of the changes we have made.

You will need to register your email address before you can submit a response through the website. If you agree, TfL will send you updates about the changes periodically. If you would prefer not to submit a response online you can send your thoughts in writing:

TfL are asking:

  • What effects you think the experimental scheme is having on specific matters such as cycling, walking, traffic flow and the environment
  • What effect you think the experimental scheme is having in overall terms, and whether you think it should remain in place permanently or with changes, or be removed at the end of the experiment
  • Whether we should make any changes to the experimental scheme, and if so what they should be
  • Any other matters about the experiment you would like them to be aware of